About Rachel's Garden

About Rachel

I started making natural skincare products in 2015 using my combined knowledge and passion for botany and aromatherapy, as my skin reacted negatively to commercial products. Through research, I found that most commercial creams and lotions contain irritants such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), synthetic fragrances and colourants, as well as preservatives such as parabens which have been linked to breast cancer. No wonder my skin was rejecting these products!
I now prepare my own products from natural oils, combining them with flowers and herbs grown in my garden. They are free from all synthetic substances and preservatives. None of my products are tested on animals (although my cat has stepped into the soap while it cures!). 
Being a home-based, family business, our son’s youthful senses help me to create new essential oil combinations, and my husband is a willing test subject!

Our Company

Being environmentally-aware, our packaging is either recyclable, upcyclable, or biodegradable. The plastic spray nozzles and droppers are made of hard plastic that can be recycled. All labels are paper rather than plastic, so although oil spills and water will discolour them, it is a small price to pay when compared to the years it takes for vinyl to be broken down. 
We do not use artificial colourants or perfumes, and when we do use preservatives, they are either natural or Ecocert © – approved Geogard. All products are paraben-free, SLS and SES-free. Our products are only tested on family and friends – never on animals! We feel that all these small efforts help to make Rachel’s Garden products as natural and environmentally-friendly as possible.

Finally, the best tool anyone can have for a better future is education. To this end, one rand from every item purchased is donated to the Amakhala Foundation. This is an NGO located on the Amakhala Nature Reserve outside Grahamstown which runs an extensive Environmental Education programme and facilitates Literacy and Education projects for children from all walks of life. Your purchase will result in a direct donation to the Foundation, and who knows what remarkable people it will help to produce.